Methods for post-processing of forecasts.


Methods for the computation of ensemble statistics.

mean(X[, ignore_nan, X_thr])

Compute the mean value from a forecast ensemble field.

excprob(X, X_thr[, ignore_nan])

For a given forecast ensemble field, compute exceedance probabilities for the given intensity thresholds.

banddepth(X[, thr, norm])

Compute the modified band depth (Lopez-Pintado and Romo, 2009) for a k-member ensemble data set.


Methods for matching the probability distribution of two data sets.

compute_empirical_cdf(bin_edges, hist)

Compute an empirical cumulative distribution function from the given histogram.

nonparam_match_empirical_cdf(initial_array, ...)

Matches the empirical CDF of the initial array with the empirical CDF of a target array.

pmm_init(bin_edges_1, cdf_1, bin_edges_2, cdf_2)

Initialize a probability matching method (PMM) object from binned cumulative distribution functions (CDF).

pmm_compute(pmm, x)

For a given PMM object and x-coordinate, compute the probability matched value (i.e. the x-coordinate for which the target CDF has the same value as the source CDF).

shift_scale(R, f, rain_fraction_trg, ...)

Find shift and scale that is needed to return the required second_moment and rain area.