pysteps.verification.probscores.reldiag(P_f, X_o, X_min, n_bins=10, min_count=10)#

Compute the x- and y- coordinates of the points in the reliability diagram.

  • P_f (array-like) – Forecast probabilities for exceeding the intensity threshold specified in the reliability diagram object.

  • X_o (array-like) – Observed values.

  • X_min (float) – Precipitation intensity threshold for yes/no prediction.

  • n_bins (int) – Number of bins to use in the reliability diagram.

  • min_count (int) – Minimum number of samples required for each bin. A zero value is assigned if the number of samples in a bin is smaller than bin_count.


out – Two-element tuple containing the x- and y-coordinates of the points in the reliability diagram.

Return type: