, gzipped=False, **kwargs)#

Import a 8-bit PGM radar reflectivity composite from the FMI archive.

  • filename (str) – Name of the file to import.

  • gzipped (bool) – If True, the input file is treated as a compressed gzip file.

  • dtype (str) – Data-type to which the array is cast. Valid values: “float32”, “float64”, “single”, and “double”.

  • fillna (float or np.nan) – Value used to represent the missing data (“No Coverage”). By default, np.nan is used.


out – A three-element tuple containing the reflectivity composite in dBZ and the associated quality field and metadata. The quality field is currently set to None.

Return type



Reading georeferencing metadata is supported only for stereographic projection. For other projections, the keys related to georeferencing are not set.