, onerror='warn', **kwargs)#

Read a nowcast or an ensemble of nowcasts from a NetCDF file conforming to the CF 1.7 specification.

If an error occurs during the import, the corresponding error message is shown, and ( None, None ) is returned.

  • filename (str) – Name of the file to import.

  • onerror (str) – Define the behavior if an exception is raised during the import. - “warn”: Print an error message and return (None, None) - “raise”: Raise an exception

  • dtype (str) – Data-type to which the array is cast. Valid values: “float32”, “float64”, “single”, and “double”.

  • fillna (float or np.nan) – Value used to represent the missing data (“No Coverage”). By default, np.nan is used.


  • precipitation (2D array, float32) – Precipitation field in mm/h. The dimensions are [latitude, longitude]. The first grid point (0,0) corresponds to the upper left corner of the domain, while (last i, last j) denote the lower right corner.

  • metadata (dict) – Associated metadata (pixel sizes, map projections, etc.).