pysteps.extrapolation.interface.eulerian_persistence(precip, velocity, timesteps, outval=nan, **kwargs)#

A dummy extrapolation method to apply Eulerian persistence to a two-dimensional precipitation field. The method returns the a sequence of the same initial field with no extrapolation applied (i.e. Eulerian persistence).

  • precip (array-like) – Array of shape (m,n) containing the input precipitation field. All values are required to be finite.

  • velocity (array-like) – Not used by the method.

  • timesteps (int or list of floats) – Number of time steps or a list of time steps.

  • outval (float, optional) – Not used by the method.

  • return_displacement (bool) – If True, return the total advection velocity (displacement) between the initial input field and the advected one integrated along the trajectory. Default : False


out – If return_displacement=False, return a sequence of the same initial field of shape (num_timesteps,m,n). Otherwise, return a tuple containing the replicated fields and a (2,m,n) array of zeros.

Return type:

array or tuple