pysteps.downscaling.rainfarm.downscale(precip, ds_factor, alpha=None, threshold=None, return_alpha=False)#

Downscale a rainfall field by increasing its spatial resolution by a positive integer factor.

  • precip (array-like) – Array of shape (m, n) containing the input field. The input is expected to contain rain rate values. All values are required to be finite.

  • alpha (float, optional) – Spectral slope. If None, the slope is estimated from the input array.

  • ds_factor (positive int) – Downscaling factor, it specifies by how many times to increase the initial grid resolution.

  • threshold (float, optional) – Set all values lower than the threshold to zero.

  • return_alpha (bool, optional) – Whether to return the estimated spectral slope alpha.


  • r (array-like) – Array of shape (m * ds_factor, n * ds_factor) containing the downscaled field.

  • alpha (float) – Returned only when return_alpha=True.


Currently, the pysteps implementation of RainFARM only covers spatial downscaling. That is, it can improve the spatial resolution of a rainfall field. However, unlike the original algorithm from Rebora et al. (2006), it cannot downscale the temporal dimension.