pysteps.visualization.basemaps.plot_geography(proj4str, extent, lw=0.5, drawlonlatlines=False, drawlonlatlabels=True, plot_map='cartopy', scale='50m', subplot=None, **kwargs)#

Plot geographical map in a chosen projection using cartopy.

  • proj4str (str) – The PROJ.4-compatible projection string.

  • extent (scalars (left, right, bottom, top)) – The bounding box in proj4str coordinates.

  • lw (float, optional`) – Linewidth of the map (administrative boundaries and coastlines).

  • drawlonlatlines (bool, optional) – If set to True, draw longitude and latitude lines.

  • drawlonlatlabels (bool, optional) – If set to True, draw longitude and latitude labels. Valid only if ‘drawlonlatlines’ is True.

  • plot_map ({'cartopy', None}, optional) – The type of basemap, either ‘cartopy’ or None. If None, the figure axis is returned without any basemap drawn. Default ‘cartopy’.

  • scale ({'10m', '50m', '110m'}, optional) – The scale (resolution). Applicable if ‘plot_map’ is ‘cartopy’. The available options are ‘10m’, ‘50m’, and ‘110m’. Default '50m'.

  • subplot (tuple of int (nrows, ncols, index) or SubplotSpec instance, optional) – The subplot where to plot the basemap. By the default, the basemap will replace the current axis.


ax – Cartopy axes.

Return type:

fig Axes