pysteps.blending.utils.compute_store_nwp_motion(precip_nwp, oflow_method, analysis_time, nwp_model, output_path)#

Computes, per forecast lead time, the velocity field of an NWP model field.

  • precip_nwp (array-like) – Array of dimension (n_timesteps, x, y) containing the precipitation forecast from some NWP model.

  • oflow_method ({'constant', 'darts', 'lucaskanade', 'proesmans', 'vet'}, optional) – An optical flow method from pysteps.motion.get_method.

  • analysis_time (numpy.datetime64) – The analysis time of the NWP forecast. The analysis time is assumed to be a numpy.datetime64 type as imported by the pysteps importer.

  • nwp_model (str) – The name of the NWP model.

  • output_path (str, optional) – The location where to save the file with the NWP velocity fields. Defaults to the path_workdir specified in the rcparams file.

Return type: