pysteps.blending.utils.blend_optical_flows(flows, weights)#

Combine advection fields using given weights. Following [BPS06] the second level of the cascade is used for the weights

  • flows (array-like) – A stack of multiple advenction fields having shape (S, 2, m, n), where flows[N, :, :, :] contains the motion vectors for source N. Advection fields for each source can be obtanined by calling any of the methods implemented in pysteps.motion and then stack all together

  • weights (array-like) – An array of shape [number_sources] containing the weights to be used to combine the advection fields of each source. weights are modified to make their sum equal to one.


out – Return the blended advection field having shape (2, m, n), where out[0, :, :] contains the x-components of the blended motion vectors and out[1, :, :] contains the y-components. The velocities are in units of pixels / timestep.

Return type: