pysteps.utils.transformation.dB_transform(R, metadata=None, threshold=None, zerovalue=None, inverse=False)#

Methods to transform precipitation intensities to/from dB units.

  • R (array-like) – Array of any shape to be (back-)transformed.

  • metadata (dict, optional) – Metadata dictionary containing the transform, zerovalue and threshold attributes as described in the documentation of

  • threshold (float, optional) – Optional value that is used for thresholding with the same units as R. If None, the threshold contained in metadata is used. If no threshold is found in the metadata, a value of 0.1 is used as default.

  • zerovalue (float, optional) – The value to be assigned to no rain pixels as defined by the threshold. It is equal to the threshold - 1 by default.

  • inverse (bool, optional) – If set to True, it performs the inverse transform. False by default.


  • R (array-like) – Array of any shape containing the (back-)transformed units.

  • metadata (dict) – The metadata with updated attributes.