Methods for plotting precipitation and motion fields.


Functions to produce animations for pysteps.

animate(precip_obs[, precip_fct, ...])

Function to animate observations and forecasts in pysteps.


Methods for plotting geographical maps using Cartopy.

plot_geography(proj4str, extent[, lw, ...])

Plot geographical map in a chosen projection using cartopy.

plot_map_cartopy(crs, extent, cartopy_scale)

Plot coastlines, countries, rivers and meridians/parallels using cartopy.


Functions to plot motion fields.

motion_plot(uv_motion_field[, plot_type, ...])

Function to plot a motion field as arrows (quiver) or as stream lines (streamplot).

quiver(uv_motion_field[, ax, geodata, axis, ...])

Function to plot a motion field as arrows.

streamplot(uv_motion_field[, ax, geodata, ...])

Function to plot a motion field as streamlines.


Methods for plotting precipitation fields.

plot_precip_field(precip[, ptype, ax, ...])

Function to plot a precipitation intensity or probability field with a colorbar.

get_colormap(ptype[, units, colorscale])

Function to generate a colormap (cmap) and norm.


Methods for plotting Fourier spectra.

plot_spectrum1d(fft_freq, fft_power[, ...])

Function to plot in log-log a radially averaged Fourier spectrum.


Methods for plotting thunderstorm cells.

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plot_track(track_list[, geodata, ref_shape])

Plot storm tracks.

plot_cart_contour(contours[, geodata, ref_shape])

Plots input image with identified cell contours.


Miscellaneous utility functions for the visualization module.


Construct a dictionary from a PROJ.4 projection string.


Convert a PROJ.4 projection string into a Cartopy coordinate reference system (crs) object.

reproject_geodata(geodata, t_proj4str[, ...])

Reproject geodata and optionally create a grid in a new projection.

get_geogrid(nlat, nlon[, geodata])

Get the geogrid data.

get_basemap_axis(extent[, geodata, ax, ...])

Safely get a basemap axis.