pysteps.datasets.load_dataset(case='fmi', frames=14)#

Load a sequence of radar composites from the pysteps example data.

To print the available datasets run

>>> from pysteps import datasets

This function load by default 14 composites, corresponding to a 1h and 10min time window. For example, the first two composites can be used to obtain the motion field of the precipitation pattern, while the remaining twelve composites can be used to evaluate the quality of our forecast.

Calling this function requires the pysteps-data installed, otherwise an exception is raised. To install the pysteps example data check the example_data section.

  • case (str) – Case to load.

  • frames (int) – Number composites (radar images). Max allowed value: 24 (35 for MRMS product) Default: 14


  • rainrate (array-like) – Precipitation data in mm/h. Dimensions: [time, lat, lon]

  • metadata (dict) – The metadata observations attributes.

  • timestep (number) – Time interval between composites in minutes.