pysteps.blending.skill_scores.lt_dependent_cor_extrapolation(PHI, correlations=None, correlations_prev=None)#

Determine the correlation of the extrapolation (nowcast) component for lead time lt and cascade k, by assuming that the correlation determined at t=0 regresses towards the climatological values.

  • PHI (array-like) – Array of shape [n_cascade_levels, ar_order + 1] containing per cascade level the autoregression parameters.

  • correlations (array-like, optional) – Array of shape [n_cascade_levels] containing per cascade_level the latest available correlation from the extrapolation component that can be found from the AR-2 model.

  • correlations_prev (array-like, optional) – Similar to correlations, but from the timestep before that.


rho – Array of shape [n_cascade_levels] containing, for lead time lt, per cascade_level the correlation of the extrapolation component.

Return type:



[BPS04] [BPS06]