, outfnprefix, startdate, timestep, n_timesteps, shape, metadata, n_ens_members=1, incremental=None, **kwargs)#

Initialize a KINEROS2 format exporter for the rainfall “.pre” files specified in

Grid points are treated as individual rain gauges and a separate file is produced for each ensemble member. The output files are named as <outfnprefix>_N<n>.pre, where <n> is the index of ensemble member starting from zero.

  • outpath (str) – Output path.

  • outfnprefix (str) – Prefix for output file names.

  • startdate (datetime.datetime) – Start date of the forecast.

  • timestep (int) – Time step of the forecast (minutes).

  • n_timesteps (int) – Number of time steps in the forecast this argument is ignored if incremental is set to ‘timestep’.

  • shape (tuple of int) – Two-element tuple defining the shape (height,width) of the forecast grids.

  • metadata (dict) – Metadata dictionary containing the projection,x1,x2,y1,y2 and unit attributes described in the documentation of

  • n_ens_members (int) – Number of ensemble members in the forecast. This argument is ignored if incremental is set to ‘member’.

  • incremental ({None}, optional) – Currently not implemented for this method.


exporter – The return value is a dictionary containing an exporter object. This c an be used with to write datasets into the given file format.

Return type: