pysteps.blending.utils.load_NWP(input_nc_path_decomp, input_path_velocities, start_time, n_timesteps)#

Loads the decomposed NWP and velocity data from the netCDF files

  • input_nc_path_decomp (str) – Path to the saved netCDF file containing the decomposed NWP data.

  • input_path_velocities (str) – Path to the saved numpy binary file containing the estimated velocity fields from the NWP data.

  • start_time (numpy.datetime64) – The start time of the nowcasting. Assumed to be a numpy.datetime64 type

  • n_timesteps (int) – Number of time steps to forecast


  • R_d (list) – A list of dictionaries with each element in the list corresponding to a different time step. Each dictionary has the same structure as the output of the decomposition function

  • uv (array-like) – Array of shape (timestep,2,m,n) containing the x- and y-components of the advection field for the (NWP) model field per forecast lead time.