Testing pysteps#

The pysteps distribution includes a small test suite for some of the modules. To run the tests the pytest package is needed. To install it, in a terminal run:

pip install pytest

Automatic testing#

The simplest way to run the pysteps’ test suite is using tox and the tox-conda plugin (conda needed). To install these packages activate your conda development environment and run:

conda install -c conda-forge tox tox-conda

Then, to run the tests, from the repo’s root run:

tox             # Run pytests
tox -e install  # Test package installation
tox -e black    # Test for black formatting warnings

Manual testing#

Example data#

The build-in tests require the pysteps example data installed. See the installation instructions in the Installing the example data section.

Test an installed package#

After the package is installed, you can launch the test suite from any directory by running:

pytest --pyargs pysteps

Test from sources#

Before testing the package directly from the sources, we need to build the extensions in-place. To do that, from the root pysteps folder run:

python setup.py build_ext -i

Now, the package sources can be tested in-place using the pytest command on the root of the pysteps source directory. E.g.:

pytest -v --tb=line