pysteps.verification.spatialscores.binary_mse(X_f, X_o, thr, wavelet='haar', return_scales=True)#

Compute the MSE of the binary error as a function of spatial scale.

This method uses PyWavelets for decomposing the error field between the forecasts and observations into multiple spatial scales.

  • X_f (array_like) – Array of shape (m, n) containing the forecast field.

  • X_o (array_like) – Array of shape (m, n) containing the verification observation field.

  • thr (sequence) – The intensity threshold for which to compute the verification.

  • wavelet (str, optional) – The name of the wavelet function to use. Defaults to the Haar wavelet, as described in Casati et al. 2004. See the documentation of PyWavelets for a list of available options.

  • return_scales (bool, optional) – Whether to return the spatial scales resulting from the wavelet decomposition.


  • SS (array) – One-dimensional array containing the binary MSE for each spatial scale.

  • scales (list, optional) – If return_scales=True, return the spatial scales in pixels resulting from the wavelet decomposition.