pysteps.decorators.postprocess_import(fillna=nan, dtype='double')#

Postprocess the imported precipitation data. Operations: - Allow type casting (dtype keyword) - Set invalid or missing data to predefined value (fillna keyword) This decorator replaces the text “{extra_kwargs}” in the function’s docstring with the documentation of the keywords used in the postprocessing. The additional docstrings are added as “Other Parameters” in the importer function.

  • dtype (str) – Default data type for precipitation. Double precision by default.

  • fillna (float or np.nan) – Default value used to represent the missing data (“No Coverage”). By default, np.nan is used. If the importer returns a MaskedArray, all the masked values are set to the fillna value. If a numpy array is returned, all the invalid values (nan and inf) are set to the fillna value.