pysteps.blending.utils.blend_cascades(cascades_norm, weights)#

Calculate blended normalized cascades using STEPS weights following eq. 10 in [BPS06].

  • cascades_norm (array-like) – Array of shape [number_components + 1, scale_level, …] with the cascade for each component (NWP, nowcasts, noise) and scale level, obtained by calling a method implemented in pysteps.blending.utils.stack_cascades

  • weights (array-like) – An array of shape [number_components + 1, scale_level, …] containing the weights to be used in this routine for each component plus noise, scale level, and optionally [y, x] dimensions, obtained by calling a method implemented in pysteps.blending.steps.calculate_weights


combined_cascade – An array of shape [scale_level, y, x] containing per scale level (cascade) the weighted combination of cascades from multiple components (NWP, nowcasts and noise) to be used in STEPS blending.

Return type: