pysteps.verification.plots.plot_intensityscale(intscale, fig=None, vminmax=None, kmperpixel=None, unit=None)#

Plot a intensity-scale verification table with a color bar and axis labels.

  • intscale (dict) – The intensity-scale object initialized with pysteps.verification.spatialscores.intensity_scale_init() and accumulated with pysteps.verification.spatialscores.intensity_scale_accum().

  • fig (matplotlib.figure.Figure, optional) – The figure object to use for plotting. If not supplied, a new figure is created.

  • vminmax (tuple of floats, optional) – The minimum and maximum values for the intensity-scale skill score in the plot. Defaults to the data extent.

  • kmperpixel (float, optional) – The conversion factor from pixels to kilometers. If supplied, the unit of the shown spatial scales is km instead of pixels.

  • unit (string, optional) – The unit of the intensity thresholds.