pysteps.visualization.spectral.plot_spectrum1d(fft_freq, fft_power, x_units=None, y_units=None, wavelength_ticks=None, color='k', lw=1.0, label=None, ax=None, **kwargs)#

Function to plot in log-log a radially averaged Fourier spectrum.

  • fft_freq (array-like) – 1d array containing the Fourier frequencies computed with the function pysteps.utils.spectral.rapsd().

  • fft_power (array-like) – 1d array containing the radially averaged Fourier power spectrum computed with the function pysteps.utils.spectral.rapsd().

  • x_units (str, optional) – Units of the X variable (distance, e.g. “km”).

  • y_units (str, optional) – Units of the Y variable (amplitude, e.g. “dBR”).

  • wavelength_ticks (array-like, optional) – List of wavelengths where to show xticklabels.

  • color (str, optional) – Line color.

  • lw (float, optional) – Line width.

  • label (str, optional) – Label (for legend).

  • ax (Axes, optional) – Plot axes.


ax – Plot axes

Return type: