pysteps.visualization.motionfields.quiver(uv_motion_field, ax=None, geodata=None, axis='on', step=20, quiver_kwargs=None, map_kwargs=None)#

Function to plot a motion field as arrows. Wrapper for pysteps.visualization.motionfields.motion_plot() passing plot_type=”quiver”.

  • uv_motion_field (array-like) – Array of shape (2, m,n) containing the input motion field.

  • quiver_kwargs (dict, optional) – Optional dictionary containing keyword arguments for the quiver method. This argument is passed to See the quiver_doc matplotlib’s documentation.

  • See (py:pysteps.visualization.motionfields.motion_plot().) –


out – Figure axes. Needed if one wants to add e.g. text inside the plot.

Return type:

axis object0