pysteps.blending.clim.calc_clim_skill(outdir_path, n_cascade_levels=8, n_models=1, window_length=30)#

Return the climatological skill based on the daily average skill in the rolling window. This is done using a geometric mean.

  • n_cascade_levels (int, optional) – Number of cascade levels.

  • outdir_path (string) – Path to folder where the historical skill are stored. Defaults to path_workdir from rcparams.

  • n_models (int, optional) – Number of NWP models. Defaults to 1.

  • window_length (int, optional) – Length of window (in days) over which to compute the climatological skill. Defaults to 30.


climatological_mean_skill – Array of shape [model, scale_level, …] containing the climatological (geometric) mean skill.

Return type: