, extent=None, **kwargs)#

Import a NetCDF radar rainfall product from the Convective Rainfall Rate Intensity (CRRI) product from the Satellite Application Facilities (SAF).

Product description available on (last visited Jan 26, 2020).

  • filename (str) – Name of the file to import.

  • extent (scalars (left, right, bottom, top), optional) – The spatial extent specified in data coordinates. If None, the full extent is imported.

  • dtype (str) – Data-type to which the array is cast. Valid values: “float32”, “float64”, “single”, and “double”.

  • fillna (float or np.nan) – Value used to represent the missing data (“No Coverage”). By default, np.nan is used.


out – A three-element tuple containing the rainfall field in mm/h, the quality field and the metadata imported from the CRRI SAF netcdf file. The quality field includes values [1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32] meaning “nodata”, “internal_consistency”, “temporal_consistency”, “good”, “questionable”, “bad”, and “interpolated”, respectively.

Return type: